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Flex Passes on sale NOW!


These days, scheduling your entertainment months ahead of time can be more challenging than ever. We’re offering Flex Tickets so you get the benefit of subscriber prices with the flexibility to reserve your seat only when you’re ready. And, once you purchase a Flex Plan, you can use it however you like—see five shows once, or watch the same show five times, it’s up to you! 

Stageworks Northwest 2023

Here's how the Flex Plan works: 

1. You decide which Flex Plan is right for you.

2. Fill out the order form, and provide payment.

3. You will receive a unique purchase code, generated specifically for you (we keep records in case you lose track of it).

4. When you’re ready, go to our ticketing website. Select your show(s) and your seat(s). Enter the code as payment for your tickets. If you purchased a Flex-5, for example, your code will allow you to redeem up to five (5) tickets. The tickets can be purchased together or separately, whatever works best for you.

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Stageworks Northwest 2023

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