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**Our concessions now serves beer and wine to those 21 and over

**Our concessions now serves beer and wine to those 21 and over

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The Lion in Winter

Feb. 13th - March 1st

~~James Goldman’s, The Lion in Winter opens February 13 at the Stage works Theatre. This classic tale of family dysfunction and royal intrigue at its height has entertained audiences for decades. The play is a combination of sharp humor, deep pathos and high stakes. It’s Christmas time 1183 and an aging Henry II King of England is trying to secure from among his three ruthlessly ambitious sons, Richard, Geoffrey, and John, a successor to the throne and the empire he’s created, while in the process not starting a civil war. Complicating matters his estranged wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Queen whom he’s had imprisoned for the past 10 years and out just for the holidays, has her own ideas about who shall inherit the crown. Rounding out the gathering is young King Philip of France, also there with an agenda of his own. Meanwhile his older sister, Alais, is King Henry’s lover but treaty bound to marry Richard…Let the games begin! Director, Johnny Winningham, who is Artistic Director at Wide Angle Studios in Vancouver and has worked as a segment producer for television in Los Angeles, will be trying something different with the staging of this smartly written play. Unmooring it visually from its medieval setting to a world that looks very much like Europe on the eve of WWI. In an attempt to show the parallels between the family dysfunction that threatened the peace of nations in King Henry’s time and the family dysfunction that helped bring on the First World War. Most people don't realize that the rulers of England, Germany and Russia were all related. In some ways it was a family quarrel that got out of hand and led to the death of millions. The hundredth year anniversary of that tragic conflict seems an opportune time to attempt something a little outside the box.

Written by James Goldman

Directed by Johnny Winningham

February 13th - March 1st

Friday and Saturdays at 7:30pm

Sundays at 2:00